Become a Tutor

It is a truly rewarding experience to help change someone’s life by teaching them to read. Anyone who has the ability to read and is willing to help another person can be a tutor. A tutor works with a student
“one on one”, to help that student learn to read at his/her own pace.

No prior teaching experience or expertise in reading is necessary.

  • New tutors attend a tutor 
    training workshop to learn 
    tutoring techniques. (Tutor training workshops are usually held twice a year.)
  • Teacher’s manuals provide comprehensive instructions. 
    (And you only need to stay one lesson ahead of your student.)
  • Experienced tutors are available to help with any special situations encountered.

The Time Commitment is Manageable and is Flexible

  • Tutors usually meet with their individual student twice a week, for an hour session each time.
  • Tutors specify the times and days of the week that they are available to tutor and they are matched with a student who can meet at those times.
  • Tutors (and students) may take vacations or cancel class for sudden emergencies.
  • Tutors can meet with their students at our tutoring center or at any public location that is convenient for them and their students.

Reading series used include the following:

For more information or to find out when the next tutor training class will be offered, call 775-885-1010 or email us below.